• Anatomy Basics™ Vol. 1 Muscles Of The Head and Neck

Thank you:

To the many teachers who work with students to help them understand their own individual learning styles and encourage them not just to learn the subject at hand, but inspire them to become lifelong learners.


Who Are We?

My name is Joe Sullivan. I was fortunate to have several teachers who inspired and encouraged me to become a life long leaner, and I know the difference it can make. I’m also the founder of Anatomy Basics™, LLC a small software application (app) development company.

I founded Anatomy Basics™, LLC to develop and publish affordable software apps for students.  In creating the apps we use methods (audible and visual queues) that applicable for both left and right brain dominant learners.

AB Volume 1 – 4 is a four-part series of apps focusing on anatomy of the human musculoskeletal system. The series provides students with audio recordings and color-coordinated text covering the origin, insertion, main action(s) and innervation of over 170 muscles.  Together with the Study Aid section students have access to over 350 audio recordings designed to help them master the basics of anatomy.  The apps can compliment almost any Anatomy and Physiology or Gross Anatomy curriculum.



  • The study material is divided into four apps to keep the information at a manageable size for students:
    • AB Volume 1 Muscles Of The Head & Neck
    • AB Volume 2 Muscles Of The Upper Extremity
    • AB Volume 3 Muscles Of The Trunk
    • AB Volume 4 Muscles Of The Lower Extremity
  • Each volume contains a Play List of muscles specific to the region of anatomy being covered.
  • Each volume contains a Study Aid section filled with definitions (both in audio and text) covering anatomy and medical terms.  Expanding the students’ knowledge of both anatomy and medical related terms is aimed at improving their ability to communicate with peers and healthcare professionals.
  • The Play All feature is present in both the Play List and Study Aid section.  It provides students with the ability to review the information hands free on their iPod touch®, iPad® or iPhone®.
  • The Shuffle feature is present in both the Play List and Study Aid section.  It changes the sequence of information being played to decrease the ability of students to accommodate to the information presented by shuffling or presenting the information in a random order.



  • Professors and students are provided with centralized lists of muscles and definitions of anatomy and medical words organized by volume.
  • Having the information centralized in the apps reduces the time students spend searching for information and allows for more time focusing on learning the information.
  • The muscles on the Play Lists contain color-coordinated text.  Students can focus on the specific information needed for their class.
  • One of the many benefits of the Play All feature is that it allows students to repeatedly review all the information with the touch of a button.  The Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) section of the website offers study suggestions on how to get the most out of using the apps: http://anatomybasics.com/f-a-q-s/

Some Thoughts on Learning Styles:

Learning styles differ among students.  The Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (VAK) or Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile (VAKT) learning style as it’s sometimes referred to focuses primarily on the first three sensory receivers.

With this in mind, we understand that some students learn better with visual stimuli (typed words or images) (right side brain dominance), others learn better with auditory stimuli (spoken words) (left side brain dominance) and some learn better with kinesthetic or tactile learning methods (left or right side dominance).  Anatomy Basics™ apps provide both auditory and visual stimuli to help meet the needs of both left and right brain dominant learners.

Some students do great with reading alone others need something extra to engage them in the learning experience.

If your students could benefit from studying with Anatomy Basics ™ apps, we’d like to help. Anatomy Basics TM offers affordable apps and educational discounts. Like you, we want to help your students master anatomy—and become enthusiastic lifelong learners.


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